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We’re a design & illustration studio specialising in telling your stories in our signature heritage ink style. Inspired by the wild & your adventures, we’re here to elevate your story with great design, and timeless illustrations. This is also the home of our shop, a place to bring home your favourite artworks. So, let's begin. Here’s to the next adventure! 

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There’s no greater tool for telling your story than a map. There’s a whole world to explore in this artform, so step inside our map portfolio and let us inspire you.

"It was wonderful. Lást combined their design style seamlessly with our own, which made for such a special and unique map. It was a highly positive experience, both in the end result and the creative process "

Samantha, Senior Stewardship Officer,

The Nature Conservancy

Marks that capture your values, create conversations and position them strategically in the world. We know how important telling your brand's story is, and we're here to help you do just that. 

"The finished designs somehow exceeded my expectations. They’ve improved the brand in so many areas - making everything look FAR more professional. Couldn’t recommend Lást enough, I’m so chuffed with the end result. Trust in Tom, the studio rocks! "

Ben, Director, Ursus Productions

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Labels and packaging are the crucial bridge between you and your customers. We create authentically handcrafted illustrations to enrich the product you've created. Designs that keep your consumers talking about you for years to come, and add to their entire experience.

We work directly with businesses, as well as agencies, to build the label identity you dream of. Dive in to get inspired!

The right design transforms a product. It provides an opportunity to explore your mission, and to create something cherished by it's owners as they wander the world. You're in the right place to explore bespoke jacket linings, clothing for conservation, and exceptional stationary editions.

"It's no exaggeration to say that working with Lást more than exceeded all of my expectations. This lining design has elevated the Lawrence jacket from a piece of clothing to a story that connects us all. I'm so grateful."


Mark Warman, Founder, Barnfield Customs

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Pen and ink scraped on paper is the beating heart of the Lást studio! This section is dedicated to just this: traditional ink work. From natural history to book illustrations, tattoo to map features, this is the perfect place to get inspired.

"The project needed to demonstrate a true love for the natural world. The hand-drawn result demonstrated a real ability to capture the magic of wildlife. It was such a collaborative approach to create an artwork with an impact. We’d do it again in a heartbeat!"

Deborah, Founder, The Mallorn Project

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