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This is the beating heart of our craft - producing the highest quality hand drawn maps, both decorative and functional. Our library is extensive, so we've selected just a few of the many maps the studio has created. We hope you enjoy meeting them, and remember to keep checking in as we add fresh cartography straight from the drawing board! We're currently building out our portfolio, so you can only click into some of them. Check back soon for full access!

Functional maps that are equal parts artwork and science - these bespoke works are rooted in the landscape, telling rich histories and providing owners with dynamic multi-tools.   

Test copy.jpg
Illustrated Lake Map
New Forest.jpg
River Dee.jpg
Home Farm.jpg

These maps are all about telling personal stories, from multi-day hikes to life in a loved city. They make for perfect gifts, and are the best option for capturing memories and specific trails.  

Marathon Map.jpg
Draft 4.0.jpg
Cape Wrath.jpg
Virgin Group Retirement Gift.jpg
New Zealand copy.jpg
North America

Maps make for essential deep dives for books and articles - fundamental infographics that elevate all copy and help readers step into the world being built. 

Cloncaird Castle Map.jpg
Draft 2.0.jpg
Land of the Swamp White Oak.jpg
Version 2.0.jpg

Maps don't have to be large format to be enjoyed at their best, and they can be seamlessly stitched with beautiful products to create epic limited edition collections, as well as product labels.

Wingback Maps
Project Hop Beer Label 2.png
Project Hop Beer Label 1.png
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