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This little bundle of Botanical postcards contains 5 postcards featuring some of our favourite wild botanicals from the artwork we designed recently. Add it to your cart to bring your adventure home!


Perfect gifts for loved ones or keep these for yourself and frame as mini artworks. 


Here's some more story behind the Botanical artwork:


Our Forager’s Table artwork is a love letter to nature’s gifts that live right under our noses, if we dare to notice. Inspired by late night summer walks through town where oxeye daisies flower on roadside verges and spring afternoon woodland runs among the scent of wild garlic. Sunrise walks in late summer picking wild blackberries from brambles, and stumbling upon the bright purple flowers of clover in a car park in the depths of winter. We wanted to dedicate the ink to not only the wild food on our doorsteps, but to the fundamental essence of being human: the connection between us and the natural world – one of the most exciting parts of life is being able to immerse ourselves in nature and harness it's nourishment, medicinal properties, and delicuousness. Go full cave-girl on your commute home and cook up a feast in the forest; take a whole day out to explore your local wild spots, or simply bask in the scent of wild lavender on your tea-break.


Foraging is an all-year activity that we can often overlook, but even in cities, there are secret treasures to be enjoyed.


Botanical Postcard Pack

  • A6: 105 x 148 mm (5.8 x 4.1 in)


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