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Old English (i) footprint or track (e) to follow closely - to go journey (ii) obligation, vow, duty

We’ll begin by introducing ourselves, we’re Tom and Angel, the team of two behind the Lást studio. It’s so exciting to have you here. So, grab a coffee and let’s dive into the story.


Five years ago, in the snowy mountains of New Zealand’s Southern Alps, we were warming up by a roaring fire, and drawing a sketch map of the day’s adventure. The map we were drawing captured our multi day hike through glittering peaks, and winding forest trails. Leaning over curiously, a patron at the lodge asked if they could buy it. The rest of the night was spent dreaming of telling more stories, and the Lást studio was born. A copy of this map hangs above us to this day, and we’ve drawn many hundreds since.


We’re a small illustration and design brand that specialises in heritage style ink work – that is, things drawn in pen and ink. Where we can, we aim to draw the traditional way as much as possible, with ink scraping paper, but our timeless style can be applied digitally too, and most of our traditionally drawn artworks are digitised for use online and across brands. You can learn more about our craft here.


Our pens are here to help tell your story, from illustrated maps to brand identity, product labels to book covers. One thing all our ink work has in common is the magic of capturing a place, the excitement of a journey and the people or brand telling it. We’ve been putting out dynamic and exciting ink work for over five years now. You can find some of this in our portfolio, along with some of the inspiring clients we’ve had the privilege of working with.


Alongside our bespoke design services, we also run our online shop, and work hard to raise awareness for environmental conservation, working closely alongside wildlife charities to support their mission.


We’d love to learn more about how we can help you and look forward to working with you to bring your ideas to life.


Welcome to the Lást tribe. Here’s to the next adventure!

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