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Lást: to go journey (Old English)


Welcome to Lást! The design journey begins here, and we’re so excited to share more about how we work with you. You’re in the right place to learn more about what a design journey involves, how much certain services cost, what these include, and how to make your dream a reality at the drawing board with us.


We’ve worked with brands both small and large, alongside individuals the world over. Every project is treated the same, and we cherish the relationships we build with our clients. Creating bespoke designs is a genuine honour, and we keep this at the forefront through out. We offer a variety of design services – but all hold the same common theme at the heart of them, a speciality in timeless pen and ink.


From maps to logo, no matter the design service, all designs start with getting to know each other, and how we can best help. This includes a questionnaire, and usually a design call where can throw some ideas around over a coffee. It’s a lot of fun, and an exciting part of the process. If this doesn’t suit, it’s easy to streamline the process over email too.


We are experts in our pen craft, and wherever possible we like to bring designs to life traditionally, by hand. We always start in loose pencil work to define the concept before ink scrapes paper. Once you’re happy with the concept, the paper hits the drawing board, the coffee is brewed, and we get to work bringing the design to life. This part of the journey is defined by ink scraping paper. We then capture the drawing and digitise it, so it’s brought to life for it’s life online, whether on print, on web or on socials. This keeps so much of the ink’s nuances and character, timeless textures and style that will make your project sing for years and years.


Of course, some projects lend themselves better to digital tools, so we trade in the pens for the iPad and draw digitally. This particularly suits some projects that will exist entirely on web, such as interactive maps and animations. This process follows a similar route to traditional drawing, starting loose with the concept and refining in to ink.


You can learn more about the revision and rounds process in the ‘Design Rounds’ section below. Once you’re happy with your design, we’ll provide a full digital suite, alongside the physical artwork (if required) for use across your brand. This never marks the end of the journey together, we’re always on hand to help you as you step forward. So, if ever you have any final tuning needed, or need a little help, just fire us an email. We’ve got you covered.


Every service is priced differently, with varying levels of intricacy and expertise required from the studio. All costings are starting prices, and listed in GBP. For most of these, our studio rate will remain the same, or very close to these, but when it comes to larger artworks, particularly maps, we have to learn a little more before we can get a precise quote to you. A rate will never change during a project, unless a series of extra revisions are required. You can read more about this in the ‘Design Rounds’ section.




The logo is a fundamental brand asset, and we pride ourselves in producing marks that tell the right story. We specialise in illustrated marks that stand alone and alongside lettering. We also produce secondary brand marks to dive deeper into your business.

Logo Mark.png
Logo Mark 2.png
Expedition Logo.png
Black Logo.png
The Bowmans Logo
Logo (Filled).png
Diving Wild Lettering Mark



Stand alone brand marks are instant attention grabbers – marks that dive into more intricate detail and provide a more immersive experience. These act as deep dives for your business, outside of your primary mark. These can also be broken down into a series of smaller marks, that we call icons. These are great for use across web and socials – a dynamic thread to stitch through out your brand.

Blue Dive Octo (vector).png
Hampshire Fare Crest.png



This is the best service if you are looking for a full design suite for your brand. Once consultation is complete, this includes your primary logo mark, lettering, secondary marks, and additional illustrations and icons, if required. We’ll also pair this with type and colour for use across your brand. Think of this like the brand multi-tool.



In the last three years we’ve completed a handful of immersive branding journeys. These take a regular brand identity and add a deeper magic, including a bespoke map for use on web. During these journeys, we stay on site to work directly with you for a few weeks exclusively, getting to know the brand the location intimately. This particularly lends itself to the hospitality and travel sectors – our most recent immersive branding journey was at a wellness sanctuary in New Zealand, which you can learn more about here.



Bringing a design to life is an immersive and exciting ink-jection into your brand. For animations that are built in stop motion pen, look no further, we’ve got you covered.




We’ve created dozens of clothing graphics for clients the world over. They’re great attention grabbers, and work perfectly to tell stories on the move.

Fin 1.jpg
Galapagos Design.png
Whale 1.jpg



The right label design is crucial – our studio speciality is ink illustrated labels, particularly in the beer and wine industry. We also pride ourselves in producing exclusive linings for clothing products.

Wingback and Last Maps Collaboration.jpg
Polar Maps_edited.png
Babbo Elio Wine Label.png
Woodpecker Wine_edited.png
King Gambrinus Label
Gambrinus Label Close-up.jpg




Maps are the ultimate storytellers, a studio speciality that combines the technicality of a map with the elegance of a fine art piece. Every map is personalised to your liking, to capture a particular place, your story within in, and the memories made there.

Draft 4.0.jpg
Marathon Map.jpg



For five years, the Lást studio has created one of a kind cartography artworks for estates and stretches of rivers for exclusive angling clubs. If you’ve got a beat on a river, an estate, or a working farm, these maps are the perfect balance of technical usage and beautiful wall art.

Jezz 2_5.jpg



Not all adventures lend themselves to larger format maps. This map style is called the ‘storyteller’ because it focuses more on a journey. Perhaps it’s a hike, a drive, or a particular trip you went on. These are slightly simpler in format, and make for epic gifts.

Draft 2.0.jpg
Wix Main Image.jpg




We love tattoo designs, each is as unique as the person. We rock a classic ink style for tattoos, and can bring the ideas to life in a flash line work style, or with intricate pointillist grading.

Earth Guardians .png
Print File.png
Mountain Lion.png
Turtle Vector.png
Wolf and Viking.png



As a team of two, our studio has a variety of expertise. Tom is an expert ‘dotworker’, producing highly detailed portraits of wildlife in hundreds of thousands of tiny ink dots. Due to the dedication required and the hours of drafting, these projects are selected very carefully, so we’ll want to learn a lot about what you have in mind before we begin.




Our heritage ink style lends itself seamlessly for books – we work in both black and white and colour, and can provide both for use in publication. We tend to select publication illustrations that tell an exciting story, with strong natural or supernatural themes. Oh, and did we mention we make the most epic maps for your book?

Babba Yaga.png
Fishies .png



We work with both businesses and communities to make artwork with a big impact! The scope of murals is always super exciting, utilising big spaces to tell big stories - perhaps it's a visitors map, a brand emblem, or a painted scene, we'd love to work with you on this project. We've worked with a variety of materials, both inside and out, so fire us an email to tell us about this big idea.

Mural in Action.jpg


Every project tells a different story – and timelines can vary quite a lot accordingly. On average, design projects take between 4-8 weeks, but we often shift design gears if you require us to produce the design assets a little faster. So, just let us know what you have in mind. As for cartography, maps take longer to produce because of the levels of craftsmanship. For a map, please allow between 4-16 weeks.


The studio doesn’t hold many house rules, but there’s a few things to consider as we dive into making some magic. We operate on deposit scheme for every project. Before we can take our first steps at the drawing board, we require a 50% deposit. This is required before we can approach the design, so you’ll receive your design questionnaire/consultation once your deposit is paid. If you prefer to pay in full, that’s more than welcome too.


During a project, if we don’t hear from you, or a member of your team, for more than 30 days, we’ll consider the project terminated. It’s important to note deposits will not be returned in these circumstances. This is yet to happen, but is a crucial clause for designers across the industry to protect both our time and expertise.


The only services that include complete ‘design ownership’ of the designs are logo, brand assets and product identities. For all other design services, the fee does not include ownership of the ink – this remains under the studio’s ownership. We’re more than happy to discuss licensing and usage, just pop us an email.


By working with the Lást studio you automatically agree to these principles and industry standard studio rules.


We’re here to get your project exactly how you imagined it – and the Lást studio prides itself on achieving this time and time again. There’s a series of revision rounds included in each service, with lots of room for building and refining before we cross the finish line. Design is by it’s nature a series of stepping stones, with some exciting back and forth and refining. For most services, three rounds of revisions are included, but you can dive more into these below.


From time to time, although very rare, more rounds are required to bring the project to life. These are set at a fee of 25% of the original cost, so please talk to us if you want to learn more about this. Our expertise are in telling your story, not creating the brief for the story you want to tell. So, before we embark on our design journey, make sure you have a strong idea of the direction you’d like to take. Usually when extra rounds of design revisions are required it’s because the direction has significantly changed.

LOGO, BRAND, PRODUCT: 3 Design Rounds


BESPOKE MAPS: 2-3 Design Rounds



Often, you’ll require more than one design, especially if you’re a brand or business. We’ve recently launched our Design Subscription. This is a ‘pay monthly’ service, where we are on hand to work on your projects up to a certain volume per week. This works wonders for building brands, and being on hand to guide you as you continue to tell your story. Perhaps you’ve commissioned a logo mark, but now you need illustrations for your new menu, along with icons for your socials. The subscription works to keep costings lower, and access to our expertise on tap.


The subscriptions are set at two tiers:



These can be cancelled anytime. You can learn more about our subscription service by dropping an email to


Tier two: 1000

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