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The Project

Ursus Productions commissioned Lást to re-work their brand identity, building upon their rich creative reputation to produce a unified visual language that elevated the brand with professional marks that captured the beating heart of their work. That meant natural tones and textures, and something crafted in a heritage style. 

Ursus Productions specialises in producing factual and branded content for a variety of platforms. They've worked with some of the biggest brands and organisations, travelling the world producing films, recently making Britain's Beautiful Rivers with Richard Hammond.

The re-work had to be versatile, used across the web and in the field, from car decals to camera boxes. The logo mark was crafted to stand alone as this mighty bear, but also be easily combined with the brand's name and custom lettering. Everything is scalable, making waves at all sizes. Key components in the brief were based upon capturing a wild element, with a cool and confident attitude. This was achieved with a timeless line work style, crafting marks that were bold and strong. Heavy texture and grit in the lettering and icons built upon this, producing natural tones that walk hand in hand with the brand's work in the world’s wilder spaces.




The brand identity output the Lást studio produced included:


  • Perception research

  • Strategic positioning

  • Logo mark

  • Secondary brand marks

  • Illustrated brand icons

  • Type selection

Ursus Productions


We were looking for a new logo and accompanying pieces for the company. The one we had was ‘fine’ but it needed some work. I clicked with Tom straight away, and loved the vibes throughout the collaborative design journey and working towards something we both felt was right. 


The finished designs somehow exceeded my expectations. They’ve improved the brand in so many areas - making everything, from deck & presentations to the website, look FAR more professional. Couldn’t recommend Lást enough, I’m so chuffed with the end result and loved how we worked together. Trust in Tom, the studio rocks.”


Ben Anderson, Director, Ursus Productions

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