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If you've seen an artwork on our website or over on our Instagram, we would be so stoked to give you permission to use it as a tattoo. 


It's really simple: just check out as you would a physical product, and your license will be sent to you automatically. We'll send you an email asking you which artwork you would like to have tattooed before sending the file your way. 


Please note you will need one license per artwork you want inked, and each license gives you permission to use the artwork once. As always, if you have any questions, just fire us an email or hop on chat, we would love to help. 


Add it to your cart to start your tattoo journey!

Tattoo License

  • All files will be sent to you in a .JPEG format. If you or your tattoo artist need another format just let us know and we will send on the new files. 

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