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Old English (i) footprint or track (e) to follow closely - to go journey (ii) obligation, vow, duty

Lást is a small design studio dedicated to producing work that celebrates adventure and the natural world. We specialise in drawing maps, alongside custom artwork and branding.


Everything is hand drawn, creating work rooted in pencil, pen and paper, and a consistently full cup of coffee. We are currently a team of two, partners Thomas Moore and Angel Jones at the drawing board and behind the scenes.  


Our mission is to capture the magic of a place, the excitement of an adventure, and to inspire people to explore and engage with nature more. This mission also comes with an important obligation - to fight for the environment and the wildlife we share it with, that is currently being destroyed at our hands. 


We aim to put the pen to the fight, and draw to not only raise awareness but to collaborate with brands around the world to inspire people to take action. So far we have worked with dozens of clients, both large and small, to create work that makes an impact. Every project, whether big or small, is treated with the same friendly approach, with a goal to learn, challenge, grow and value each opportunity. 


So, welcome to the Lást tribe. Bring your adventure home.

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