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In many ways this could be the most exciting part of the Lást portfolio! Our design selection includes everything from clothing graphics to label identities, jacket linings to publication. We carefully select the businesses we collaborate with to produce the highest quality goods possible, with our heritage inkwork at the centre. We're currently building out our portfolio, so click on images to learn more - only some are available for now. 

Fancy working with our studio? Head over to the contact page and drop us a message, or send us an email to The design journey starts here!

Barnfield Main.jpg
Oceans 2.jpg
Rockhopper Main.jpg
Gambrinus Main.jpg
HF Main.jpg
Blue Dive Main.jpg
Wingback Main.jpg
Grisette Main.jpg
Oceans Main 1.jpg
Diving Wild.jpg
Bertin Main.jpg
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