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Oceans Nation is a global community of marine life enthusiasts and one of the world's largest ocean media platforms. They showcase their work all around the world with the goal of inspiring people to preserve our blue planet and its inhabitants. The latest in our series with Oceans Nation, the Lást studio had the pleasure of crafting this clothing graphic to tell the story of one of the world's most magical animals: the Humpback.


Titled Ocean Guardians, the story itself needed to capture these animals more intimate details, such as the tail anatomy and their distinct ribbing, alongside their nature. Friendly and nuturing, these ocean guardians needed to feel open and kind on the cotton, integral to this mother and her calf. This meant keeping the design curved, mirroring the wave with the whales themselves, with the design becoming one unified identity. 

It was important for us to draw this traditionally, with pen on paper. This would keep the textures organic and natural, walking hand in hand with the ocean message. A bold line work style was selected where we played with line weights to capture the design. This also enabled the design to work equally well on white and black, essential for the clothing range. 

Whale 1 copy.jpg
Whale 1.jpg
Oceans 2.jpg
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