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Babbo Elio is a beautiful family run artisan producer, rooted in the  their Santa Elio farm which is located in the rolling hills of Solignano di Castelvetro, Italy. 

The Lást studio was hired to craft the centre piece of the cellar's  wine labels, working closely with studio Milano Ideas to build the design. The choice was made to feature two birds, both present in the Emilian territories and from the mid-70s, undisputed symbols of the Modenese nightlife: the red woodpecker (associated with Grasparossa) and the green woodpecker (associated with the pignoletto).

We put the pen to paper to craft each signature artwork in our classic studio style: dotwork. This allowed us to meet the brief's desire for realism, with a centuries old atmosphere that sung to the wine's rich history. Following the draft in ink, each feature was subtly colour washed to capture the tones and flavours of each wine, with those classic red and warm greens, immediately telling the story of the different grapes. Keeping the label identity built around this wilder story, with the strong wildlife imagery, it walks hand in hand with landscape and farming style that's the beating heart of Babbo Elio. Saluti!


Pecker 1.jpg
Pecker 2.jpg
Pecker Progress_edited.jpg
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